Why Sacred Heart?

The choice of your child’s first educational experience could not be more important. It is vital that the environment you choose not only provides the best opportunity for educational success, but also helps the child be comfortable, confident, and in the end feel as unique as each of us are in God’s eyes.

Our faculty is qualified, competent and enthusiastically committed to Catholic education and the well-being of all children. They work tirelessly with students so that they are prepared to meet and /or exceed national and state standards. They cultivate good study habits. They encourage student involvement in community, compassion to all and a respect for life. Through word and example, they foster an interest in learning and respect for truth that helps students to grow in knowledge, faith, love and service.

Because we recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children, a partnership exists between the parents and the school We strive to involve them continuously in the total educational program.

We work to provide a caring atmosphere where our students can develop self-esteem and resiliency while succeeding educationally. We have been fortunate that our success is evident in everything from the many students who attain honor roll, to scholarship winners, to superior state test scores, to a desire for further education and eventually successful careers.

During this time, while other Catholic schools are struggling to remain open, we are proud to report that the heart of Sacred Heart School is beating strong, pumping faith and knowledge into our students and with our sound finances and consistent enrollment, we expect to continue to do so for many years to come.

Read the information contained here. Ask questions. Be sure this is the best fit for your child. There are no do-overs in education and the foundation upon which future learning takes place must be strong.