Our primary goal is the spiritual development of the students of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. It is incorporated into every subject area with the intent of the children blossoming into young adults that learn to serve their school, parish and community. Academic education goes with this spiritual development to bring forth responsible citizens who seek to bring peace and justice to all people.

The study of religion is an important part of our curriculum and is part of the students daily schedules. We assist each family in strengthening their childrens love of God and developing sound moral values.

We involve the students as active members of the Christian community. Classes attend Mass together regularly. There is school-wide attendance at First Friday Masses. Retreats are scheduled for certain grades. Classes host Masses and become actively involved in them. The students are also active in special activities and celebrations as the seasons warrant. All parents, friends and relatives are invited to join in school Masses and celebrations. Daily classroom prayer and communal prayer are part of the childrens school day as well.

The pastor and associate pastor make frequent visits to the classrooms to instruct and just plain converse with the students. The priests also actively enroll students to become altar servers and lectors.

The students receive numerous opportunities to receive sacraments. They receive Communion at the Masses and have scheduled school-wide reconciliation sessions. In second grade the students receive for the first time the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Confirmation is conferred on the students in 8th grade.

Each trimester a student in each class is recognized by being awarded the Peacemaker Award for exhibiting Christ-like behavior toward others. In addition, one graduate each year is awarded the much coveted Sr. Beatrice Maguire Peacemaker medal in acknowledgment of the students commitment to carrying on Jesus mission.

We seek to further enhance the childrens Christian values through works of charity and kindness. The students are encouraged to participate in the Parish Pantry, which provides food for those in need. There are school mission projects that the entire student body participate in. Seventh graders volunteer their service to the Parish Faith Formation Program. Older children learn kindness, responsibility and generosity when they answer Letters to Santa written by younger students; when they become buddies to the very young students; when they volunteer as peer tutors and through their participation in the Safety Patrol.

Through the monthly parish Hospitality Sundays, families are given an opportunity after Mass to come together socially.

It is our hope that we can form whole persons who can apply Gospel values to their lives and who will have a positive affect on society through their lives and ideals.