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Sacred Heart Catholic Academy has 3 Pre-K For All classrooms.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we can only accommodate up to 15 students for in-person learning (with 1 teacher and 1 teacher’s aide). Students may opt for remote learning with the possibility of switching to in-person in January if the restrictions are lifted. 

*Students must wear masks* Mask breaks will be scheduled throughout the day.

Our schedule for 2020-21 is as follows:         

PreK 1:  8:00am-1:20pm ~OR~ 2:20pm

PreK 2: 8:10am-1:25pm ~OR~ 2:30pm

PreK 3: 8:20am-1:30pm ~OR~ 2:40pm

Early Morning Dropoff and After School are also available for Pre-K students for a fee.

We are on the Teaching Team Learning Communities curriculum track and follow 10 units of study – Welcome to PreK, My 5 Senses, All About Us, Where We Live, Transportation, Light, Water, Plants, Babies, and Transformation. This curriculum is center-based and the children learn primarily through play! 

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy has a brand new playground where the children can develop their gross motor skills while enjoying some fresh air!

Contact: Mrs. Alison Kondel, Director


                (718) 456-6636 ~OR~ (917) 753-4216


Read our  2020-21 PreK guidelines here!


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