National Junior Honor Society

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Qualities for membership in the NJHS are based upon the following five pillars:

Scholarship – The student who is in the second semester of sixth grade or members of the seventh-, or eighth-grade class and has proven him/herself academically by maintaining a cumulative grade point average required by the school chapter.

Service – The student who voluntarily contributes to the school or community without monetary compensation or recognition.  We are committed to the idea of volunteering our time and abilities to the creation of a better tomorrow.

Leadership – Student leaders are those who are good problem solvers, resourceful, and contribute ideas. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working for and with others.  A leader will go forward when others hesitate.  Leadership is always needed; thus, to lead is a substantive charge to each of our members.

Character – The student of good character is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of reliability and honesty, shows concern, respect, and courtesy for others, and maintains a clean disciplinary record.  The problem of character is the problem of self-control.  We must be in reality what we wish to appear to others.  Character is achieved and not received.  It is the product of constant action, daily striving to make the right choice.

Citizenship – The student who demonstrates citizenship understands the importance of civic engagement; has a high regard for freedom and justice; respects the U.S. form of government (a representative democracy); respects the law for all citizens at the local, state, and federal levels; and demonstrates mature participation and responsibility in activities such as scouting, community organizations, or school clubs.

NJHS Selection Process

The selection of members to this chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal.  The chapter advisor shall be the sixth, nonvoting, ex-officio member of the Faculty Council.

Prior to selection to the chapter, the following shall occur:

  • Students’ academic records shall be reviewed to determine eligibility.
  • Students who are determined to be eligible (“candidates”) shall be notified and asked to complete the Candidate Form.
  • Faculty shall be requested to evaluate candidates determined to be scholastically eligible and asked to complete an evaluation input form.
  • The Faculty Council shall review both the Candidate and evaluation forms in order to determine membership.
  • The selection of new active members shall be held once per year during the second semester of the school year.
  • Candidates become members when inducted.
  • All members are expected to maintain the standards and obligations of membership.

NJHS Constitution