Home Academy Association

The Home Academy Association consists of parents who are elected to the offices of Executive Director, Fundraising Director, Public Relations Director and Financial Director. These people are joined by the pastor and the principal to complete the Association.

The Home Academy Association takes an active role in maintaining an open line of communication between the school administration and the parents of the school children. They also host various events and organize fund-raisers. Their fund-raising efforts are quite remarkable with their endeavors usually resulting in raising over $100,000!

Home Academy Association Meetings are held at regular intervals, usually on a Thursday evening in September, November, March, and May.

Home Academy meetings provide a forum for the discussion of issues of importance to parents, children, faculty and administration alike. It usually involves the status of ongoing activities and discussion of planned changes/improvements. The Home Academy Association also invites guest speakers to address various needs and concerns of our families. Home Academy meetings are open to all parents and all parents are encouraged to take an active part in Home Academy activities.

It is hard to imagine Sacred Heart School without the generous assistance of this dedicated group of individuals. Our Home Academy Association is truly representative of the heart of Sacred Heart School.

Home School Association Officers:
Executive Director: Christopher Russo
Fundraising Director: Lisa Milau
Financial Director: Danny Vella
Public Relations: Nicole Vincenzi