On January 29, 1937, title was taken to the site of what would become Sacred Heart School and on December 23, 1938, the plans and specifications for the new school were approved.On the feast of the Sacred Heart, May 31, 1940, ground was broken for Sacred Heart School. With the laying of the cornerstone on April 23, 1941, the hopes and dreams of the parishioners of this community were finally becoming a reality.

The first students entered the classrooms of Sacred Heart School in the fall of 1941. At this time Sacred Heart School was a Grade One through Five school.

The early days saw nine o’clock children’s Masses every Sunday. Monday mornings were assembly days. There was a Boy’s Glee Club, Christmas plays, Altar boys, talent shows, science fairs, “saints” on All Saints’ Day, a library on wheels, oratorical contests, art shows, spelling bees and alumni nights. There was football, softball, basketball and jumping rope. The students enjoyed parties on Halloween and “begging” on Thanksgiving. There were processions, May Crownings and Nine First Fridays. Much of these events have become tradition at Sacred Heart and most have grown, expanded and been modernized to meet today’s needs.

In the fifties the teaching sisters of Sacred Heart School, who were members of the Dominican order of Amityville, moved into a newly constructed convent and the first lay teacher, Mrs. Clara Bowler, came to the school. The Kindergarten was started and boys and girls were separated in the 7th and 8th grades. Also in the fifties, the school grew with the construction of an extension adding six new classrooms to the second floor.

In the sixties the Home School Association was formed. In the seventies, Sacred Heart School survived the turbulent times that saw the closing of many schools.

Recognizing that the world did not provide youngsters the opportunities for socialization that was once part of the local neighborhoods, Sacred Heart School opened a preschool program in September 1986. These children, three and four years of age, were now able to develop socialization skills, were made learning ready, and were given a safe and happy environment so that their first school experience could be a positive one, leading to a lifetime love of learning.

Since the opening of Sacred Heart School thousands of students have been educated in a warm and caring environment. Many dedicated lay teachers, sisters, and priests have given generous service in developing the faith of our students. Much educational and spiritual growth has taken place in this God-centered faith community.

Many changes have taken place in the school since the school’s founding. Class size is much smaller in order to provide more personal attention for the children. We are now an Early Childhood through 8th Grade school. Physical Education, Computer Education, a Resource Room, a Science Lab, Library, Spanish, Title I Services, Music, and an Art Program have been added. Curriculum and instructional materials have been changed and modernized in keeping with our changing world.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy boasts an active Parents’ Association with parents and teachers working together to provide a quality Christian education to the children. Through the years our parents have been a strong presence in our school. They do a tremendous job of raising funds to keep tuition rates down, while themselves forming strong bonds of friendship as they work together in these endeavors. Our parents also volunteer as receptionists, aides in our classrooms, lunch supervisors, and provide other important support services for our students. The people of the parish have always been extremely supportive of the school and join in our special events and fundraising efforts. Part of the success of Sacred Heart School can be attributed to the fact that it is more than a school. It is a family of people working cooperatively to provide the best for our youth. The people in this faith community give generously of themselves to keep the dream alive.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our students. They have excelled in all academic areas and have contributed much service in our community. They go on to high schools of their choice and we rejoice in their continued accomplishments through high school and college, whether it be honor roll, scholarship awards or commendable efforts in the betterment of mankind. Our alumni have been very successful in the careers they have pursued and above all have become fine Christian men and women.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy has impacted the lives of countless youngsters and their families and continues to be an important place for learning in the Glendale community.