January 28, 2020

Reading – Worksheet

Math- Workbook pg. 47



Grammar test coming next week- Noun, Concrete/Abstract and singular /plural nouns.

Homework-January 23, 2020

Spelling- Synonyms and Antonyms

                  Spelling Test tomorrow.

Math- Wkbk pg  46

Reading- Know It , Show It Pg.87

Mass tomorrow

C;hinese New Year’s Party postponed until further notice.

Homework-January 21, 2020

Math- Study your multiplications tables.

Reading- Summary Worksheet

                  Know It, Show It wkbk pg. 84

Spelling- ABC Order & Syllables

Trip Tomorrow to Northside Bakery- wear gym uniform

Homework-January 15, 2020

Spelling- Synonyms and Antonyms

                  *Spelling test tomorrow.

Math- Continue to review the 0,1,2,3 and 4 times tables.

Penmanship-Letter Mm

*Vocabulary/Phonics Test Tuesday…….review to follow.


Homework-January 9, 2020

Math – Test tomorrow.  Please review math h.w. pgs.41,42 and 43.         

             *Practice multiplication sheet.

Spelling- Antonyms

                 *Study for Spelling test tomorrow.


  • Starting Monday students will be getting 20 spelling words and 1 bonus word.

  • Religion Test Monday, January 13, 2020……..Review Sheet has been given out.

Reading- Know It, Show It Pg. 79

Math- Test on Friday, Lessons 4.1, 4.2,4.3

Spelling- Synonyms

Penmanship- Cursive Worksheet letter Ll

Homework- January 7, 2020

Reading- Fact and Opinion Worksheet

Math-  Workbook Pg. 42

Grammar- Grammar wkbk. pg 41 Abstract Nouns

Spelling- Syllables

Penmanship- Cursive letter Ll