Are they really learning in Pre-K if all they do is play?

We often get asked by parents, “are the kids really learning when all they do is play all day?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!!”

When young children play, they are enhancing social-emotional skills that are integral to their development. Additionally, the teachers go from center to center guiding their play and their interactions to enrich not only these skills but their knowledge as well.

Check on the image for more information about the benefits of learning through play!

MAKING FRIENDS by NYC KIDS PROJECT is coming to Sacred Heart Catholic Academy Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade on Thursday, November 8th!


This program is suitable for Pre-K through first grade.  It’s a fun, interactive introduction to disabilities presented by one educator using dolls or small soft-sculptured hand puppets, adaptive equipment, storytelling, and sign language.  The children interact directly with the doll or puppet “characters,” learning the processes required in making friends.  

Pre-K 1 will be hosting the school’s 1st Bake Sale on Tuesday, October 16th during lunchtime.

Pre-K students who would like to purchase goodies are asked to bring in 50 cents in a labeled envelope.