To apply for 3K and/or PreK For All, you will do as follows:
1. Go to MySchools and create an account if you do  not already have one;
2. Add your child(ren)’s information. If you have multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), this can be indicated on the application so they do not get assigned to separate schools;
3. You can then apply to PreK for up to 12 schools
    a. Make sure to list schools in order of preference
    b. Our school code is 24QAER (*make sure you apply to the correct Sacred Heart Catholic Academy. Please be aware that there is also one in Bayside and in Cambria Heights)
4. There is *no paperwork* required at this time. You will be notified of your child(ren)’s program placement in May for PreK and June for 3K. At that time, you will move on to the registration process.
If you have any questions, contact the director, Alison Kondel, at ~or~ (917) 753-4216

Are they really learning in Pre-K if all they do is play?

We often get asked by parents, “are the kids really learning when all they do is play all day?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!!”

When young children play, they are enhancing social-emotional skills that are integral to their development. Additionally, the teachers go from center to center guiding their play and their interactions to enrich not only these skills but their knowledge as well.

Check on the image for more information about the benefits of learning through play!