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Special Subjects:

Tuesdays – Art and Music (Music begins in January)

Thursdays – Gym

Fridays – Computer and Spanish

February Reading Log is in the back of the blue homework notebook. Read every night. 

Upcoming Tests:

2/13 Reading Test stories Officer Buckle and Gloria and A Trip to the Emergency Room 

2/15 Spelling Test oo and ou words

2/27 Religion Test Chapters 17 and 18

2/28 Grammar Test Linking Verbs


Homework for the week of February 11th – February 15th


Monday February 11th

1. Spelling – sentences for words 1-5 in green reading notebook.  Test Friday on all words.

would, shook, should, hook, could

2. Math – workbook pages 72.

3. Dress Down Day tomorrow 

Tuesday February 12th

1. Spelling- sentences for words 6-10 in green reading notebook.

soot, brook, foot, crook, good

2. Math – workbook page 73.

3. Reading – Test tomorrow on the stories Officer Buckle and Gloria and A Trip to the Emergency Room.  Bring back textbook. 

Wednesday February 13th

1. Spelling – workbook page 75.

2. Math -workbook page 73.

3. Religion – Test Wednesday February 27th on Chapters 17 and 18.

4. If anyone wants to send in Valentine’s cards or goodie bags tomorrow for our Valentine’s party you may.

Thursday February 13th

1. Spelling – workbook page 76. Test Tomorrow.

2.  Grammar – Test next Thursday February 28th on Linking Verbs. Study pages 76, 77, and 79.



Check out the Mathletics website and the Digital Library myon.com

The students have their passwords. 


















Ms. Porcelli’s Favorite Web Sites for 2nd Grade

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