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Ms. Porcelli 

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Grade 2 Supply List

Welcome Back to School!


Here are some reminders for you…

1. Please send in all supplies as soon as possible.

2. Please contact all workbooks as I send them home.

3. Bring in your Ipad everyday with a full charge. Headphones will remain at school.  (Headphones are preferred over earbuds)

4. Send in a snack each day.

Assignments for the week of January 11th -January 15th

Monday January 11th

1. Spelling – write a sentence for words 1-6 in green reading notebook. Test Friday on all words. 

night, kind, spy, child, knife, find

2. Math – workbook page 54.

3. Reading Log sheet due Friday.




Tuesday January 12th

1. Spelling – write a sentence for words 7-12 in green reading notebook.

right, high, write, climb, sign, sigh

2. Math – workbook page 55. Test next Tuesday on Adding with and without regrouping.  Study pretest sheets. 





Wednesday January 13th

1. Know it Show it workbook page 134.

2. Math – workbook page 56.

3. Religion – Test Tomorrow on Lessons 8, 9, and 10. Use the study guide I sent home to study.



Thursday January 14th 

1. Spelling – write all 12 words in ABC order in the green reading notebook. Test Tomorrow. 

2 Math – workbook page 57. Test Tuesday. Study pretest sheets. 

3. Reading log sheet due tomorrow.

4. Social Studies – Test next Thursday Unit 2. Study the sheets I sent home.  Know how to read a map grid, vocabulary circled on the sheet. Know the difference between urban, suburban,  and rural areas and where we live. 




All assignments and reminders will be posted on here as well as Google classroom. 



The following link shows you how to log in at home to the Reading series. Click on the words below to open the link. 


Sacred Heart Logging in to ED- Your Friend in Learning


To log into Google classroom on the ipad click on gsuite and then Google classroom. Your child’s login information for example is vporcelli@sacredheartglendale.org 

password learn1234



Please try and go on prodigy  for about 20 minutes each day and IREAD for about 20 minutes each day. If you need any help with usernames or passwords please let me know. 



Ms. Porcelli’s Favorite Web Sites for 2nd Grade

Dr. Seuss
Progress in Mathematics
Treasures Reading
Study Jams

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